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Mother Edith L. McGrew is a native of Bessemer, Alabama, where she joined the Mount Hebron Baptist Church at an early age. She served as a junior usher and was the secretary of the Usher Board. This defining moment is only one of many that set the stage for numerous leadership milestones in her life.

 After leaving Alabama, Mother McGrew and her family lived in Detroit, before finally settling in Atlanta, Georgia. Being a career oriented single mother, she absorbed herself into her work and raising her 4 sons. She worked as a practical nurse and served as secretary of the Morehouse Community Health Association for numerous years. During her years of work in the healthcare field, she earned certifications in Mental Health Counseling, Gerontology, Early Childhood Development, Adolescent Counseling and Mid-level Health Management. She coordinated an adolescent counseling unit, and developed a program for teens to practice abstinence in lieu of safe sex.

 Mother McGrew was actively involved in all aspects of her children’s social, religious, and educational well being. This led her into various community arenas. She was a charter member of the Civil Service Commission of the Atlanta Public Schools and served there for 28 years, holding the office as Chairperson for 12 years. She was an active member of the Gateway Daycare Association, the Joyland Community Association, president of the Fulton High School PTSA , president of the Atlanta Council of the PTA, secretary of the Citizen Neighborhood Community Organization, and a member of the Mayor’s Team Jamboree Committee.

 Although her church work continued after arriving in Atlanta, God had a special anointing on her life that she didn’t realize until she visited the Valley View Church of God in Christ in 1972. The Lord saved and sanctified her under the leadership of Bishop John Cooper. She quickly immersed herself into fulfilling the “whatsoever your hands find to do” scripture.

 After serving at Valley View, Mother joined the Hargis Street COGIC under the leadership of Supt. J. E. Hogan. While at Hargis Street, she served as youth Sunday school teacher, Board of Trustees Director, Special Events Coordinator, Purity leader, Sunday School Field Representative, adult Sunday school teacher, and Sunday School Superintendent (16 years). She also served as President of the Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC), and was a member of the Usher Board.

 On the jurisdictional level of the Central Georgia Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ, Mother McGrew served as president of the YWCC and then as a District Missionary. God continued to elevate her, as she humbly served in every area in which she was assigned. Then, in 1994, she was appointed to the office of Jurisdictional Supervisor of Central Georgia Jurisdiction Women’s Department, under the leadership of Bishop Chandler David Owens. This appointment made her only the third Jurisdictional Supervisor in Central Georgia, preceded by Mother Julia Underwood and Dr. Gwendolyn I. Howard, pioneers in the Central Georgia Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ.

 As the favor of the Lord continued to rest upon Mother McGrew, the late Mother Emma Crouch appointed her as the Regional Representative of the Southeast Region of the International Women’s Department of the Church of God in Christ in 1995. This region covers 7 states. After the death of Mother Crouch, Mother Willie M. Rivers, International President of the COGIC Women’s Department, chose to keep her in that position.

She is currently a member of the Program Committee for the International Women’s Department, and serves as the Executive Secretary for the National Executive Board for the Women’s Department. She is also a member of the McGlothen House Board of Directors, in Memphis , Tennessee , COGIC headquarters.

 Mother McGrew is the mother of four sons, grandmother of six and the great grandmother of two. She also has many spiritual sons and daughters. She is a member of the Temple of Faith Church of God in Christ where Supt. Thomas Frazier is pastor. Mother McGrew is still very active in her local church and community. She believes that a part of her ministry extends to her civic duties. She has also served with several personnel boards throughout the city of Atlanta , where she has developed a reputation of being fair and wise

 She has received numerous awards for her involvement and accomplishments in the community and civic affairs. Much recognition has been given to her at her local church, jurisdiction and at the national level for outstanding contributions. In the year 2000, she was selected by the C. H. Mason Seminary as the first recipient of the Lizzie Wood Roberson award given to outstanding women in the Church of God in Christ. She has been highlighted as a COGIC Woman in the Whole Truth Magazine, and is herself, the published author of “Today’s Virtuous Woman”.

 She has accomplished many achievements in her life, but her greatest joy is in the fact that God chose her and has highly favored her to work in His Kingdom